the studio


great ideas are born from something bigger and creativity begins with a story worth telling. your story.

At Vincenzo Dascanio Event Production, we craft ideas and events with purpose. Since 2007 our studio is our laboratory, creative heart and administrative headquarters. We approach everything we do with a love for big ideas and little details.

All our creative work has a relevance and rationale, a reason for being. Every piece of your event must reflect you and your personality. And we love a challenge.


The Cernobbio studio wants to be a small outpost of the Milan Studio, a place to meet customers but also where you can touch materials, samples and even flowers; a place where you can breathe the aesthetic and creative philosophy of Vincenzo, a beautiful but also functional and pragmatic “lake house”. It creates a meeting point with our customers but also, for example, with suppliers as location and catering, a place to create new synergies and in one of the symbolic places of destination marriage.