ideas. we create. we design. we build.

Our team is our most important and valuable asset. We are focused on recruiting highly motivated, insightful and ambitious professionals that can push technical and creative aspects of event production to new boundaries. Able to create extraordinary events for private and corporate clients. We maintain our position at the forefront of event design & production, combining contemporary design philosophy with a holistic view of its environment. The team manages all the services provided, from cutting-edge technical set-ups to the most delicate of floral arrangements.


Vincenzo Dascanio
Founder & Creative Director
Manuel Donadoni
Financial Manager
Chiara Magni
Event Director
Valeria Fricano
Event Manager
Micol Formica
Event Manager
Nicole Colella
Creative Designer
Camilla Iaquone
Creative Designer
Valentina Bouwmeester Chiodo
Creative Designer
Monica Bianchi
Administrative Manager
Ramona Sannola
Administrative Manager
Lara Donadoni
Warehouse Manager
Valerii Bogdanov
Operation Event Manager
Federico Greco
Event Set
Aliona Rotari
Flower Designer
Matteo Donatio
Flower Designer
Cornel Panaitov
Event Set
Florin Mihalache
Flower Designer
Core Values

Share and spread the beauty in the world with genuineness to surprise our clients with a one-of-a-kind event in their life. These values represent the Vincenzo Dascanio Production upon which our shared legacy is built and they will guide us to design the future.


Passion is our driver. It’s observing, listening, and caring about perceptions, expectations, and feelings of others. It’s at the heart of what we do.


Every touchpoint, every aspect counts. With a deep sense of personal accountability for delivering measurable results that define success for our clients, we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible.


Good enough is never enough. We are constantly searching for ideas that deliver lasting value. Design thinking helps ensure we are constantly evolving, shaping, and creating new ideas to improve our company and the experiences we create.


Together. Our work is always a result of collective inspiration and dedication. Guided by a shared goal, we work together to make every interaction authentic, memorable, and engaging.

Behind every great event there is a strong team running the show