client meeting

We start by getting to know the client, their business and the purpose for creating a concept and visual content. In this first moment, we set the goals, scope, and calendar for the event production.

conduct research

Information is inspiration, and both can be found anywhere: in books, on the internet, in personal interviews and many other information sources. We dig deep aiming to learn about the market, and to find insights that help us create an unique design solution for an impactful event.

creative brainstorming

Brainstorming and active ideation will lead us to different concepts. We’ll draft the ones that have more visual and/or conceptual value and that make a better fit with the client requirements, dreams and the purpose of the event.

concept styling sketches & feasibility study

Every idea must be submitted to a feasibility study. We will create variations of each concept to study how it can be adapted to the event decoration, the furniture design or the development of other materials, so that we can ensure that each story preserves its strength, consistency and appeal.

concept validation

All ideas that have been maturated will be presented to the client, followed by a rationale that explains their value, highlights their uniqueness and that shows why they will be successful. After evaluating them, the client will provide us feedback about the ones that resonate best with their needs and sense of style, as well as regarding any revisions that might be necessary. Based on those inputs, we’ll develop the concept and the executions for all the materials and environments of the event, that will have a second round of revisions before being finalized.

making it happen

Upon the client approval, we adapt the concept and ideas to all materials, equipments and environments related with the event production, always aiming at producing the best content, in generating the best results and in creating an unique ocasion that everyone will enjoy, cherish and remember.