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The “WOW” factor doesn’t happen by accident.

Taking a project from the concept phase through final execution is an involved creative process no matter what size event it is. Whether it be a small get together, or a large scale event and international productions, we follow a clear and effective methodology to deliver the finest possible content. Here’s a quick look at…

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What drives us at The Mall Luxury Outlets is a deep passion for beauty which stems from the fashion experience. We have chosen Vincenzo and his team because he shares the same passion, therefore, starting from a common purpose we are united by the desire of making our visitors and clients dream.
Giorgio Motta
Director of The Mall Luxury Outlets
Never did I expect such a wonderful / incredible celebration. I am so impressed by the love and passion that your team and you put into every detail from the lemons to the tomatoes to the flowers on the floor and the magnificent center pieces you thought of every minute detail.

Thank you so much for all your time and effort - you truly provided us with a magical experience that we will never forget. All our love,
Jack Dayan and Family
Social Event
Thank you for all for everything. Not only for your effort, but for doing it with so much love, genuineness and passion. Vincenzo, you're a special one. And you made my wedding magical, as though it was your own, and for that I'm so grateful.
Jenan Sheta
Vincenzo Dascanio greatly represented my fairy tale, he managed to create an experience, a love experience not only for us, but for all the guests who were left astounded.
I felt so little, but so important at the same time, in a world full of love, of fairy tales and it was absolutely unique.
Cristina Chiabotto